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Your taxi in Saint-denis, but also on other cities of La Réunion

A pleasant trip

TAXITEC is happy to accompany you wherever you want in La Réunion et offers you a quality service to make your trip an exceptional experience.

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We're listening

TAXITEC offers a warms welcome and responds 7d/7d in English and French. Your driver knows the island inside out and will be pleased to show you around.

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Professional and medical transports

Taxitec is available for your nights out, to visit the island but also for the seated medical transports and for business travels (meeting and others…).

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TAXITEC assures you a pleasant trip !

TAXITEC offers services everywhere in La Reunion, to all destinations, accompany you anywhere you want, and makes your trip more pleasant. Your driver is here to respond to any demands in English and French.

Whether for a trip with friends, going on holidays, to be your BOB and take you home after a party or for professional or medical travels, we are at your disposal 7d/7. Book now on our form, we wil reply as soon as possible.

TAXITEC is also available to tell you the places to visit imperatively on our beautiful island, Volcano, Circuses, Waterfalls, or other small paradises places, do not hesitate to contact your driver on

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