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Taxi Services in La Reunion

Taxi all distances 7D/7 on demand : TAXITEC suits on your needs.

TAXITEC makes private or businesses travels, wherever you are (Hotel, home, airport, stations), on demand. Your driver, bilingual English, will answer to all your requests with an enjoyed welcome without worrying about logistical constraints .
A night out and you ask, who drives ? TAXITEC drops you and pick you up when you want, and also realizes transports in the evening for any events (parties with friends, restaurants, etc..) to make sure you enjoy unrestrainedly.
TAXITEC has the agreement to transport seated patients to all hospitals, and medical offices of the island. Your driver accompanies each patient from home until his return. In addition, it performs all administrative procedures of care for you.
TAXITEC, specialized in all distance transports in La Reunion, supports all your daily travels. This service is very useful for people who don’t have any locomotion. Whether go to the hairdresser, shopping, or visit your friends, you can count on the assurance of a friendly and discreet taxi transportation.
A lost package at the airport, a large letter, or package to deliver immediately, TAXITeC respond for any urgent request, and delivers anywhere in La Reunion. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.